Connected by Glass: Hidden Identities

A white honeycomb pattern in a circle is on top of an abstract rainbow
June 25, 2020 1:00 pm–2:00 pm

Queerness is as old as human civilization itself. Yet members of this community throughout time have often been forced to hide their identities to avoid persecution. Using subtle codes and signals to connect with one another is one way in which Queer people have managed to survive, live and love. A group of engraved wineglasses made in the Netherlands over 200 years ago give us a glimpse at how same-sex relationships were secretly commemorated. 

We’ll be joined by: 

  • Anna Laméris, Frides Laméris Kunst- en Antiekhandel Amsterdam, and Fellow of The Corning Museum of Glass
  • Andy Campbell, Art historian, curator, and art critic and professor of Critical Studies at the University of Southern California - Roski School of Art and Design 
  • Kit Maxwell, Curator of Early Modern Glass at The Corning Museum of Glass
  • Moderator: Troy Smythe, Education and Interpretation supervisor at The Corning Museum of Glass

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LinkConnected by Glass: Hidden Identities

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About the Connected By Glass Series

Glass is all around us, working hard to enrich our lives. It’s so easy to look through glass, but we rarely pause to look at it. This live chat series features Museum experts and special guests who share their insights into a range of topics, allowing us to discover all the unexpected ways that we are connected by glass.

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