Bring the Heat: Chris Rochelle Live Streamed Demonstration

Chris Rochelle uses a torch to work glass during a demo in CMoG's Amphitheater.
November 11, 2020 10:00 am–12:00 pm

In our new live demo series, Bring the Heat, join us for a live steam of glass artists demonstrating their expertise and skillful execution while “in the zone.”

During each demo, an artist will present a personal design they’ve worked to perfect, and they will be live on the mic to narrate as they work—a rarity for live artist demonstrations and a first at the Museum.

For this demo, Chris Rochelle will create air-twist patterns in glass for use in intricate goblets. This old and complex technique involves trapping lines of air in a gather of glass and twisting it to create a mesmerizing spiral effect.

Joined by a trusted team of gaffers, this demo will rely heavily on teamwork, utilizing the “garage” (an oven to hold glass objects at the right temperature). Rochelle will pre-make each separate piece and then assemble them into a finished work of art.

How to Join and Connect Live

Watch master glassmaker Chris Rochelle on Wednesday, November 11 at 10:00 am EDT, livestreamed on The Corning Museum of Glass YouTube channel.

Unable to watch the live event? Each demonstration will be added to our YouTube channel. Plus, find hundreds of hours of live streamed demonstrations on YouTube.

Glassblower Chris Rochelle smiles while forming molten glass

Chris Rochelle

Hot Glass Projects Team Leader

Chris Rochelle enjoys the constant, steady focus that forming glass demands. A common thread in his work is creating tight forms with clean edges and lines, which he was trained to do throughout his time as a production glassmaker.