Studio Faculty Presentations: Katharine Coleman & Colin Reid (Cancelled)

A close up view of a yellow and white glass bowl
June 30, 2020 7:30 pm–9:00 pm
The Studio

This event has been cancelled. For more information, visit our COVID-19 Health and Safety Updates page.  Attend free, informal lectures by Studio faculty, some of the best-known glassmakers in the world. Hear instructors speak about their work in unstructured and highly-informative sessions in The Studio Lecture Room on Tuesday nights throughout the class sessions. This week features Katharine Coleman and Colin Reid in the Studio Faculty Presentations series.

Artist Katharine Coleman uses a machine to grind a ling piece of rectangularglass

Katharine Coleman

Katharine Coleman has engraved glass for more than 25 years and has work in museums and private collections worldwide. Winning many awards, including the People’s Prize at the 2015 British Glass Biennale and a Coburg Glass Prize in 2006, she received the MBE in 2009, a British medal, for her achievements and work teaching and promoting glass engraving.

Artist Colin Reid leans over a large piece of clear, stone-like glass

Colin Reid

Working in kiln-cast glass, Colin Reid uses various molding techniques to make the forms and molds in which he then casts his glass. He has achieved worldwide acclaim for his mastery of these techniques and polishing glass. His work commands attention through intriguing reflections and optical illusions within his sculptures.