Mark Matthews: Guest Artist Demonstration

February 17, 2019
Amphitheater Hot Shop

See guest artist Mark Matthews during a live, narrated demonstration in the Amphitheater Hot Shop on February 17 from 10 am to 3 pm. To celebrate Marble Day, watch this master of marbles make his colorful spheres with a little help from the Museum's Hot Glass Team.

Inspired by the rich, 5,000-year-old history of glass, Matthews first began working with molten glass in 1974 while an undergraduate student at Kent State University. Now, he works in a small studio, typically with one assistant, exploring all the ways radically different designs and techniques can be used in a single form: the sphere. Matthews also uses tools and equipment that he’s developed specifically for the creation of his spheres. Why the sphere? He says: “For me, the sphere is a device that unifies my radically diverse explorations in glass.”

These demos are included in the cost of admission (kids and teens 17 and under are free).

Please note that the artist will take lunch breaks each day, so times may vary.