Holidays at Home

a gaffer adds a hot bit to a round form and prepares to cut it with diamond shears
Through November 30, 2020
The Studio

For many families, a favorite holiday tradition is to gather together and experience the joy of creativity at The Studio Holiday Open House, making glass art projects. This year, The Studio offers a new way to honor that tradition with the Holidays at Home activity.

Beginning October 12, families may purchase design templates at The Studio, the Museum Admission Desk, or by phone at +1 (800) 732-6848 and participants of any age may select an ornament shape, design motif, and colors. Together as a family, enjoy coloring and personalizing your designs safely at home.

After returning your design page to The Studio or the Museum Admission Desk, our team of glass artists will create your ornament from molten glass, creating a keepsake that can be treasured forever. Ornaments will be packaged with your original design template (who doesn't love a side-by-side comparison!) and can be shipped to their intended recipient or safely picked up from The Studio with our curb-side pick-up service. Finished designs must be returned by November 30. Simply email your design sheet and proof of purchase to [email protected] or drop your finished template off at The Studio or our Admission Desk. and ornaments will be shipped or available for pick-up by December 16.

We hope to celebrate creativity with you this Holiday Season!

Questions? Please contact Guest Services at +1 (800) 732-6845.