Windows Gallery

Innovation Center

The planes and angles of the Windows Gallery are the perfect setting for the story of the struggle for the seemingly simple window. They trace a path that leads from the distorted handmade panes of 100 years ago to the high-quality, mass-produced, energy-saving windows available today.

A window is simple—a flat piece of glass. But making that flat piece of glass was once anything but simple. Until the turn of the 20th century, a window started as a bubble on the end of a glassmaker's blowpipe. 

How did the window evolve from an expensive luxury into an everyday item that we take for granted? Find out in the Windows Gallery. Meet the inventors who struggled to make windows that were bigger, flatter, and less distorted. Discover the ingenious methods they devised to make flat glass flat.

More and bigger windows mean more glass to break. In the Windows Gallery, learn what makes safety glass—used in windshields, glass doors, and building facades—safer. Test tempered glass for yourself and—if you dare—stand on a glass floor while you watch a video about how glass breaks.

Low Emissivity Window Glass

New Glass for a New Era: Borosilicate Glass

Explore the discoveries that took glassmaking from a centuries-old craft to a modern material.