Tiffany Studios

35 Centuries of Glass Galleries

Visit the Museum’s newly refreshed Tiffany Studios gallery and be dazzled by the extensive range of objects on display. Founded by Louis C. Tiffany (1848–1933), a leading tastemaker in America, the Studios employed hundreds of artists and artisans who turned Tiffany’s expansive vision into decorative objects and complete interior decorations.

Collaboration was integral to Tiffany Studios’ production, and glass was paramount to its success. Tiffany himself was captivated by the material; he challenged his employees to create new colors and textures, replicate the iridescence of ancient glass, and produce original forms and patterns. Everyone at Tiffany Studios was encouraged to innovate. While chemists created new glass formulas, glassmakers experimented at the furnace. At the studio workshops, men and women designed objects and creatively employed glass in architectural mosaics, leaded glass windows, and an assortment of decorative objects.

Outstanding examples from the Museum’s collection—including blown vessels, lamps, a monumental mosaic column, and two large, leaded glass windows—highlight the variety of objects produced. Together, they illustrate the rich colors, rainbow iridescence, and mesmerizing textures that make the glass of Tiffany Studios unforgettable.

Featured Objects of Tiffany Studios