New Glass Now

New Glass Now documents the innovation and dexterity of artists, designers, and architects around the world working in the challenging material of glass.

A global survey designed to show the breadth and depth of contemporary glassmaking, the exhibition features objects, installations, videos, and performances made in the last three years by 100 artists of 32 nationalities working in more than 25 countries.

View all 100 glass art objects, installations, videos, and performances and learn more about the artists and designers on the New Glass Now website.

The third exhibition in a series dating to 1959, New Glass Now employs a democratic curatorial methodology. Just as in 1959, the show was curated from an open call for submissions by an international panel. Headed by Susie J. Silbert, curator of Modern and Contemporary Glass at The Corning Museum of Glass, the panel also includes guest curators Aric Chen, curator-at-large, M+ museum, Hong Kong; Susanne Jøker Johnsen, artist and head of exhibitions at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation, Denmark; and American artist Beth Lipman. The panel received submissions from more than 1,400 artists and designers from 52 countries.

The selected artworks demonstrate the diversity of their makers, ranging from timely political commentary and investigations of the materiality of glass to explorations at the intersection of high-technology and the hand. The show includes artists at every point in their career, from recent graduates to established artists, representing nearly every glassworking technique. They range in age from 23 to 84 years.

Coinciding with the opening of the exhibition, the Museum published the 40th anniversary issue of New Glass Review. The 2019 edition includes the 100 artworks and design objects chosen for the contemporary survey New Glass Now as well as important contextual essays and information.  

Header photo by Russell Johnson

Promotional image for New Glass Now exhibition featuring lit blue, yellow, and red neon artwork

Meet the Curator

Susie J. Silbert

Curator of Postwar & Contemporary Glass

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