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Innovation Center

A 300-foot bridge connects three floating pavilions. A huge glass egg suspended from the ceiling is a bulb-like theater where the development of electric light and the TV picture tube radiates from the old-fashioned CRTs and modern flatscreens alike. Casserole dishes are the building blocks of a tower that encloses the story of the lucky accident that made those casserole dishes possible. A glass floor is a vantage point from which to watch the story of strengthened glass. Overhead, hanging windshields form a glassy sculpture. The famous 200-inch disk stands as the symbol for The Corning Museum of Glass.

In the Glass Innovation Center, meet the inventors whose ideas changed the world. Discover how their hard-won insights, their hard work, or sometimes a lucky accident gave us the glass we take for granted. Dabble with glass chemistry. Explore the power of optical fiber to carry us into the future. See yourself in the strange reflection of a flight simulator mirror.

Explore the discoveries that took glassmaking from a centuries-old craft to a modern material.