Glass Innovation in Automotive Design

December 6, 2018 – November 13, 2019
West Bridge

Parked at The Corning Museum of Glass, this concept car shows how glass can shape the design and function of automobiles, inside and out.

Sleek white sports car viewed from a 3/4 angle on a grass field
Courtesy of Corning Inc.

Made by Corning Incorporated, this car’s windows and interior consoles use Gorilla Glass, the company’s chemically strengthened glass first developed for smartphones.

Gorilla Glass is strong enough to meet automotive safety standards and thin enough to reduce the car’s overall weight, which can improve fuel economy and save money. Less weight can also lower the car’s center of gravity, reducing the risk of a rollover, increasing the driver’s control, and enhancing the car’s performance.

The sunroof and back window are covered with a film that contains suspended nanoparticles. Using a touchpad menu on the car’s console, the driver or passenger can send electrical signals that align the film’s nanoparticles and change the window’s tint. The result blocks sunlight to reduce air-conditioning and fuel costs, and increases passenger comfort.