Dish It! Corelle at 50

Through February 27, 2022
Innovation Center

Corelle dinnerware, a staple of U.S. households for five decades, is enjoyed the world over. This timeless brand invokes nostalgia, provokes a hunger for comfort food, and evokes memories of times spent with those we love. We know it for its simplicity, beauty, practicality, durability, and affordability, yet this stackable, classy, and glassy dinnerware comes in more sizes, shapes, and patterns than you might imagine.   

Who are the people behind the plates and patterns? How are the dishes made? And what’s the scientific secret to Corelle’s legendary toughness?  

To celebrate Corelle’s 50th birthday, the Museum is presenting Dish It! Corelle at 50, an exhibit giving visitors a behind-the-scenes look at objects they likely use each day. View 50 Corelle patterns you know and love; see 40 different shapes of dinnerware; and learn about the people who played important roles in bringing these dishes to your table. 

Dish It! Corelle at 50 is on view in the Innovation Focus Gallery, a small gallery within the Innovation Center. At this time, max capacity within the gallery will be 3 people, providing a nearly solitary experience when viewing this exhibit. 

Meet The Curator

Marvin Bolt

Curator of Science and Technology