Crafting Connections: Our Relationship with Handheld Glass

Through May 16, 2022
West Bridge

The Junior Curators are a team of inquisitive local students who collaborate with each other and Museum staff to create an annual exhibition. Adapting to the new normal of interacting solely in a virtual environment, they used digital images of objects and other online resources to explore their love of glass. This year’s Junior Curators are the first group in 63 years of the Museum’s program to complete their entire project remotely.  

This year’s exhibition, Crafting Connections: Our Relationship with Handheld Glass, inspires guests to consider their relationships with personal objects and their connections to people across time and place. Tangible objects can communicate intangible feelings that connect us with family, friends, and cultures across different places, transcending time. Small enough to be held, the objects on display invite closer inspection.  They can inspire us to consider our own relationships with personal objects in new ways.

Meet the 2021 Junior Curators

  • Amanda Bansil
  • Madelyn Beale
  • Madelyn Collier
  • Teagan Crum
  • Elana Drew
  • Yule Fu
  • Karin Hoover
  • Ashti Tiwari

Meet the Staff Advisors

Mieke Fay

Manager, Education and Interpretation

Alexandra Ruggiero

Curator of Modern Glass

Troy Smythe

Education and Interpretation Supervisor