Blown Away Season 2

Two walls with exhibit text and images featuring gaffers
Four exhibit cases hold glass sculptures
Two glass human figures in brown and blue are in a glass exhibit case
A glass sculpture of a cartoon vacuum
Through January 2022
West Bridge

Blown Away premiered on Netflix in July 2019 and instantly introduced millions of people to the beauty of glass. As every glassmaker knows, once you have your starter bubble, you return to the furnace for a second gather of glass to make your work bigger, bolder, and even more spectacular. And Netflix has done exactly that in producing a second season of, arguably, its hottest show.

Blown Away Season 2 follows a new group of glassmakers from across the globe as they race against the clock to create complex works of art that are assessed by a panel of expert judges. Ten of these works—one by each contestant—are on view in this exhibition starting January 22, 2021.

Located on the West Bridge, the Blown Away Season 2 exhibit showcases how the artists responded to challenges that pushed their creativity to the limits. Learn more about each contestant and read their own thoughts about the work they created. Plus, discover how the Museum has been involved with the show as a creative partner since its conception, and watch a behind-the-scenes documentary filmed on set by the Museum's Digital Team.

Explore Glass with the Host of Blown Away

Header photo by David Leyes for marblemedia