Lectures & Seminars

Connected by Glass: Designers Who Shape Steuben
October 29, 2020

Join designers past and present as we pull back the curtain to discover what makes Steuben timeless. 

Ennion Members | Rakow Commission Post-Lecture Q&A 
December 2020

Ennion members are invited to a special  post-lecture Q&A with the Rakow Commission artist and curator Susie Silbert. 

Hear from renowned artists, historians and glass experts in our public lectures and seminars. We offer a variety of artist presentations year-round, from free public Meet the Artist lectures in the Museum's Auditorium, to more informal evening presentations by artists teaching and working at The Studio. Each year, since 1961, the Museum has offered an Annual Seminar on Glass: a multi-day event with lectures by historians and experts from around the world.

Upcoming Events

Behind the Glass

Hear artists, curators, writers, and historians talk about glass. 

Artist-in-Residence Lectures

Listen as emerging artists lecture about their residency at The Studio. 

Annual Seminar on Glass

Join us for the annual, two-day Seminar about glass. 

Studio Faculty Presentations

Attend free, informal lectures by Studio faculty.